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1) How do I kindly get rid of two people in my space? 

I suppose it appears a simple sort of request. I mostly receive “just kick them out” for answers, but it is more complicated than that. I really would have done that already if it were easy. I just want them to leave of their own free happy (hahahaha) will. If they could ever be happy. Ahh! The situation is precarious. Random mini rant.



The love of my life did the sweetest thing–she got tickets for my oldest godson and her little brother to see Of Mice and Men in Columbus on September 5th. What do you think, do they rock live?

A Choice.

I love you wordpress! Silver Ravenwolf; she totally replied to my comment and I am so fan-girling at the moment. So AWESOME!

A childhood favorite author–Silver Ravenwolf’s article “A Choice” lured me to begin a blogging page here on! (Really I just wanted to reply to her post and hope for a comment back!) I think I would squee! Anyways, bare with me as I learn to navigate this complicated, but not I am just getting old, website! If you get the chance, her article is truly worth the read.

A little new, and definitely confused. Under construction then, yes?